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Brits Help Ukraine Fend Off Cyber-Attacks

Brits Help Ukraine Fend Off Cyber-Attacks

The United Kingdom is deploying cyber expertise to protect Ukraine’s critical infrastructure against Russian cyber attacks. It is the first time that the British government has officially acknowledged its involvement.

The British government confirms that it has set up the Ukraine Cyber Program in collaboration with several parties from the industrial world. This program aims to prevent Russian actors from gaining access to vital networks and also provides the Ukrainian authorities with forensic capabilities.

The program, which costs about 6.35 million British pounds (about 7.38 million euros), has not yet been officially announced. According to the British government, this was for operational safety reasons. However, Secretary of State James Cleverly confirms the program’s existence, adding that “expertise from leading security companies has been deployed.”

The Ukraine Cyber Program is said to have already repelled several attacks, including attacks with destructive malware such as Industroyer2. Ukraine’s critical infrastructure has also been strengthened to fend off future attacks. The British supplied, among other things, firewalls and DDoS protection to Ukraine.

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