British Parliament Debates Controversial Brexit Law

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The British parliament will start on Monday with the discussion of the controversial new Brexit law. In that bill, the government returns to agreements it made with the EU last year.


Brussels has demanded that parts of the bill are dropped, and there is also grumbling within the party of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The law is called the Internal Market Bill and is intended to regulate trade between different parts of the United Kingdom.

The government says the legislation is necessary because essential matters that are still being dealt with in Brussels will be the responsibility of the authorities in Scotland and Wales early next year.

London is not waiting for a scenario in which they will independently make rules that disrupt domestic trade, for example, because products have to meet stricter requirements in some places than in other parts of the country.

London and Brussels agreed in their separation treaty last year that they would consult through a joint committee on the details of that Northern Ireland trade regime. Still, that body is being partly sidetracked by the new Brexit law.

British ministers are empowered to make confident decisions on state aid and trade with Northern Ireland. For example, they can exempt Northern Irish companies from completing export declarations for products sent to other British territories.

The controversial bill can still be amended in parliament shortly. The debate in the House of Commons, where Johnson’s Conservative Party has a large majority, is expected to start around 3:30 PM (Dutch time). The proposal will not be finally approved on Monday.

The treatment takes several days. After that, the House of Lords, the House of Lords, will also work on it. There too, the government can expect opposition. Critics complain that Johnson is violating international agreements and thus ruining the country’s reputation.

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