Brexit Deal Refers to Netscape and Other Outdated Technology

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The Brexit deal, a 1,246-page treaty, contains references and recommendations for Netscape and Mozilla Mail, heavily outdated software.


The Brexit deal was agreed just before Christmas, but parts of the text seem a lot older. For example, security researcher Professor Bill Buchanan reports on Twitter that the deal contains references to Netscape Communicator and Mozilla Mail.

The passage in question revolves around encryption systems and protocols. The text recommends, among other things, the use of 256 bit AES algorithms and 1024 bit RSA algorithms. Both are now seen as outdated and crackable.

The passage also refers to the s / MIME standard supported by “modern email software like Outlook, Mozilla Mail and also Netscape Communicator 4.x”.

To be clear, no new version of Netscape Communicator has been released since 1997. Mozilla Mail also no longer exists in that form for a while. Mozilla replaced its old mail software Mozilla Mail & Newsgroups with Mozilla Thunderbird in 2006.

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