Boris Johnson on Return: Too Early to Release Lockdown

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is back to work after his infection with the coronavirus. According to him, there is currently no need to relax measures to combat the spread of the virus.


Boris stated, “the tide is turning.”

That’s what Johnson said Monday morning. The government will only release the lockdown if it is inevitable that there will be no second wave of contamination, Johnson said in a brief press briefing Monday morning.

According to Johnson, there are definite signs that Britain has almost won the first phase of the fight against the virus.

He does say that there is currently “high risk”. The current lockdown measures are valid until 7 May, so he does not want to phase them out for the time being.

“There are signs that we are past the peak and that the NHS (National Health Service, Ed.) Is no longer overloaded, so we can say the tide is turning,” said Johnson.

“If the virus were a robber, and I can tell you from personal experience that it is, then this is when we start wrestling it on the ground.”

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