Bitcoin Rate Continues To Fall: 30 Percent In A Week

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Bitcoin Rate continues to Fall: 30 percent in a Week. It looks like a roller coaster. The value of bitcoin dropped by more than 11 percent, In the last 24 hours and compared to a week ago, we are almost 30 percent lower, while the rate had risen sharply in a short time.


The rate of crypto coins remains exceptionally volatile.

That is especially the case in recent weeks.

In June, the price of bitcoin, by far the largest cryptocurrency in size,

 rose by more than 70 percent in two weeks, to around 13800 dollars.

But less than a week later, that price jump has almost completely disappeared.

After having been above 10,000 dollars for ten days, a bitcoin is now worthless.

Among other things, the crypto coin got a little bit of news that Facebook is going to launch its crypto coin libra.

That was thought to increase the acceptance of digital currencies.

Other virtual currencies such as ethereum also benefited from the renewed focus on crypto coins and increased.

From 3700 dollars to 13800 dollars
But then another fall started, partly because of the rapid rise warned of a bubble.

At the beginning of this year, a bitcoin was only worth more than 3700 dollars.

The highest rate was reached at the end of 2017 when the currency peaked at around 20,000 dollars.

Bitcoin accounts for approximately 60 percent of the total value of all crypto coins.

In addition to bitcoin, ethereum and ripple are the other two cryptos, whose total amount is more than 10 billion dollars.

Also, all bitcoins are almost six times as valuable as all ethereums.

For comparison: the total value of ethereum is between the market value of Ahold Delhaize and Unibail Rodamco.

All ripples are worth about as much as the NN company.

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