Biden is Raising Campaign Money Again Than Trump

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While U.S. President Donald Trump is currently lagging behind his rival Joe Biden in the polls for the November presidential election, he has no complaints about lack of campaign money.


Trump and Republican electoral funds raised $ 266 million in donations in the second quarter of this year.

Still, for the second month in a row, Biden is raising more money than Trump.

In June alone, Trump and the Republicans raised $ 131 million. That is the highest amount ever collected in a month.

The Democratic presidential candidate and his party raised more money for the second consecutive month in June than the Republicans. $ 141 million came into the campaign cash.

In May, the president’s challengers overtook $ 80.8 million for the November presidential election campaign.

With that, he collected more money for the first time on a monthly basis than his Republican opponent Donald Trump. The president had to make do with $ 74 million in May.

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