Biden: 90 Percent of Adult Americans Can Get Corona Vaccine

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Within three weeks, 90 percent of all adult Americans will be eligible for a corona vaccination, US President Biden announced.


He previously said that by April 30, if he rules for 100 days, 200 million Americans must have been vaccinated.

The American vaccination program is now running at full speed and is being expanded so that more and more Americans can get a corona prick at an increasing rate.

The figure of 200 million is a doubling of Biden’s original aspiration. More than 52 million of the approximately 330 million inhabitants have already been fully vaccinated.

Still, the war on corona is far from being won, the president warned. He pointed to the “reckless behaviour” he has seen on TV in recent weeks.

For example, the images of partying students in Miami caused quite a stir. He, therefore, fears new infections. Biden called on local authorities to reintroduce masking requirements.

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