Belarus Sends An Ambassador to the US After 12 Years

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After twelve years, Belarus will have another ambassador to the United States. President Aleksandr Lukashenko has appointed former secretary of state Oleg Kravchenko to that post, local media reports.


Belarus sometimes referred to as the last dictatorship in Europe, and the United States decided to tighten relations previous year.

US President Donald Trump later pushed forward Julie Fisher to become an ambassador to Minsk. That post had been vacant since 2008 when the Belarus authorities expelled dozens of American diplomats.

Relations between the countries deteriorated at the time because Washington had imposed sanctions for human rights violations and abuses surrounding the 2006 presidential elections.

They were won by force majeure by Lukashenko, who has been in power since 1994 and has also run for election next month.

In Belarus, unrest is growing in the run-up to the August presidential election. The opposition to Lukashenko has been given new impetus this year by discontent with the economy and its approach to the coronavirus outbreak.

However, the electoral commission has excluded several prominent counter-candidates from participating.

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