Austrian Government Announces Full Lockdown and Mandatory Vaccination

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From Monday, all of Austria will be in lockdown again. The federal government has decided this after consultation with the federal states.


This measure had already been announced in two federal states, Salzburg and Upper Austria. The virus is spreading very quickly in Austria, where there is very little vaccination.

We have not been able to convince enough people to get vaccinated in recent months; Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg started his press conference.

That is why he wants a mandatory vaccination for all Austrians in February. This makes it the first European country to make the corona vaccination mandatory.

In the short term, Schallenberg announced a complete lockdown for everyone in Austria. It will come into effect on Monday and last for 20 days. There will be an evaluation after ten days. If the crisis is overcome, the lockdown will automatically be lifted on December 13, but only for vaccinated and cured people.

Last week, the states of Salzburg and Upper Austria had already announced a lockdown for unvaccinated people. On Sunday, the federal government extended that to the entire country. The federal government is thus also following the example of the most affected states.

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