Australian Minister Cancels Visa of Djokovic, the Unvaccinated Number 1 of Men’s Tennis

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The Australian Minister of Immigration has revoked the visa of Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic. This is because the number 1 in the world ranking of men’s tennis has not been vaccinated and had lied on his entry form.


After he arrived in Australia, he was first detained for deportation, but the judge was later allowed into the country. Djokovic’s legal team has already said it may appeal.

It is the umpteenth episode in the soap around the Serbian tennis player Djokovic. The number 1 in the world ranking has not been vaccinated and has received an exception for this from the organizers of the Australian Open. An exception was an immediate thorn in the side of the Australian authorities after his arrival on January 5.

Djokovic screened that he had tested positive for the coronavirus in December, but the immigration service did not accept that explanation. As a result, his visa was cancelled, and he was detained in a quarantined hotel pending deportation.

The tennis player appealed against that deportation and was proved right by a judge on January 10 so that he could already start training for the tennis tournament. Initially, the draw for the tournament was postponed, but yesterday the organizers of the Australian Open still started with Djokovic on the list of participants.

Australian immigration minister Alex Hawke said earlier this week that he was considering revocation of his visa. So what has happened now? First, the tennis player can appeal against his expulsion again. Djokovic’s legal team has already said it will do so.

According to some experts, the appeal procedure can take weeks, and Djokovic could, in the meantime, apply for a bridging visa to still play the tournament. So the soap isn’t over yet.

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