At Least 5 Dead in Denver Shootings: Perpetrator Chose Victims Exactly

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The perpetrators of the shootings in Denver and Lakewood, Colorado, knew some of his victims and chose them purposefully.


“It appears that the perpetrator was targeting certain people,” a police spokesman said at a press conference on Tuesday evening. Four victims were killed, a fifth victim succumbed to his injuries.

The 47-year-old gunman opened fire at a Denver tattoo shop on Monday. Two women were killed, and a man was injured. He then went to a home in Denver, where he shot and killed a man. Next, he shot and killed another man at a tattoo shop in Lakewood. Finally, he fired several shots at a receptionist in a hotel, who also died.

The police tracked down the man. “There were again shots exchanged with our officers,” Lakewood police spokesman John Romero said. Although the police officers could shoot the gunman, he was “declared dead on the spot”. The shooter’s motive is not yet clear. However, he was known to the police. The man has already been investigated in two cases, but no charges have been filed.

The shooting is already the 687th so-called mass shooting in the United States this year, in which four or more victims were killed except for the perpetrator. That’s what Gun Violence Archive says.

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