“Apple Will Definitively Stop Using iTunes”

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“Apple will definitively stop using iTunes.” Apple will announce Monday that music app iTunes will disappear in a preview of next week’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), according to the reports.


The company also plans to replace iTunes on MacOS with the Music,

 TV, and Podcasts apps, as happened on iPhones and iPads.

Updates and other changes to the device can from that moment be carried out via the Apple Music app.

The music app iTunes was introduced in 2001 as a response to illegal music download services.

For a long time, the program was the only way to update the software on Apple products.

The range of the iTunes Store was rapidly expanded in the early years to include games, films, books, podcasts and other media.

Apple has been busy for some time, breaking up these components into its apps.

With the definitive switch from iTunes to Apple Music,

 the company also hopes to respond to the shift in the market from music downloads to music streaming.

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