Apple Pulls the Plug on the iPod

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Tech giant Apple is discontinuing the iconic iPod after more than twenty years. The music player will remain for sale while supplies last, the American company announced this week.


Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who died in 2011, introduced the iPod in October 2001. Over the years, various versions of the gadget appeared. However, in 2014, Apple already stopped producing the classic model with the control wheel and a small screen. In 2017, the smaller iPod nano and iPod shuffle were also buried.

The current iPod touch, which looks more like an iPhone with its touchscreen, was updated in 2019. But now, Apple will no longer make new iPods. The company believes that its other products make the music player obsolete. In fact, an iPhone includes a full-fledged iPod touch.

Currently, the latest iPods cost at least 238.35 euros at Apple for a touch with 32 GB of memory. On the other hand, the newest version of the most affordable iPhone, the iPhone SE, is equipped with 64 GB.

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