Angelina Jolie About Divorce Brad Pitt

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Angelina Jolie about Divorce Brad Pitt: “It was a Tough Time.” It was quite difficult for Angelina Jolie to get back in the role of Disney villain Maleficent for the second film of the same name. The actress tells in an interview.


“It was a difficult time. I had a few difficult years, and I didn’t feel very strong” says Angelina, referring to the broken marriage with Brad Pitt.

“I was pretty devastated. It took me a while to feel the power of Maleficent again,” the actress said.

Angelina also tells about the small role that her daughter Vivienne played in the first film from 2014. In part two, she didn’t feel like it anymore.

“I still tried,” says her mother. “She still can’t believe I made her a princess back then. But none of my children wants to be an actor. Nobody was interested.”

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