Albanian Police Arrested Five Suspects Over Theft of 5 Million Euros

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Albanian Police Arrested Five Suspects Over Theft of 5 Million Euros. Albanian police have arrested five suspects after the Hollywood-style theft of several million euros on the runway of Tirana airport.

The armed and masked gang penetrated the runway of the airport of the Albanian capital of Tirana on 9 April and robbed a money transport that was about to be loaded on an Austrian Airlines flight. The money was intended for a bank in Vienna.

The police did not disclose the stolen amount, but according to local media, it would amount to 6 to 10 million euros. The gang had stolen the money in less than five minutes.

All suspects are residents of Albania and have been charged with armed robbery and illegal possession of weapons, police said.

The most recent arrest was in the night from Monday to Tuesday. The four others, aged 25 to 38, had already been arrested.

One of the suspects, a well-known criminal and the likely gang leader, was shot by the police during a chase.

According to Albanian media reports, one of the suspects is an Islamist who studied theology in Yemen and fought with the Taliban in Afghanistan. There he was arrested by US forces in 2006 and deported to Albania.

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