Aircraft Manufacturer Airbus is Making A Profit Again

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The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus posted a profit again in the first quarter, after the loss a year earlier.


Top man Guillaume Faury points out, among other things, the deliveries of commercial aircraft to customers and the measures that have been taken to save costs. Airbus says the aviation market remains very uncertain due to the corona crisis.

The net profit was 362 million euros against a minus of 481 million euros a year ago. Turnover decreased slightly to 10.5 billion euros. Airbus has delivered 125 commercial aircraft to airlines in the past period.

According to Airbus, the lower turnover in the commercial traffic division is mainly related to less income from aircraft maintenance services. Airbus is also active with helicopters, defence and space travel.

The company indicated that it would maintain its expectation for the delivery of 566 commercial aircraft to customers for this year, which is a comparable figure to 2020. The profit forecast will also be maintained, provided that no further disruptions in the global economy or aviation occur.

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