Again International Actions At Ryanair Coming

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Again International actions at Ryanair Coming. The cabin crew of Ryanair in the Netherlands is preparing measures to reinforce the call for better working conditions.


According to union FNV, it will be a coordinated action in different countries.

Bonds in Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Spain will also participate.

They are aiming for strikes in the last week of September unless Ryanair comes over the bridge before that time.

According to Asmae Hajjari of FNV Luchtvaart, Dutch employees of Ryanair will undoubtedly also join the strike.

” Even the people in Eindhoven are poorly employed by Ryanair more than fed up. ”

Talks with Ryanair according to FNV ” for no meter. “In the Netherlands,

 Ryanair has some eighty employees, of whom three quarters are members of the trade union.

On September 13, representatives of the several cab trade unions in Brussels need attention for their position.

At the European Commission, they will insist on sharper guidelines against the behaviour of airlines such as Ryanair.

There have been actions before
Earlier, the pilots of society already discontinued in several countries, also to enforce better employment conditions and conditions.

In the Netherlands, Ryanair tried to ban the strike of pilots through the courts.

It did not work. However, the court ruled that any follow-up procedures must be announced at least 72 hours in advance.

According to FNV, the cabin crew is not bound by these agreements.

But to safety, actions will be announced at least 24 hours in advance.

Incidentally, the strikes of the pilots positively affect. For example,

 collective agreements were already made in several countries, or discussions with unions were resumed.

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