Actress Angela Bassett Eats Broccoli Cake

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Actress Angela Bassett eats Broccoli Cake on a Birthday. Angela Bassett turned 61 this weekend, and the actress celebrated this in an extremely healthy way.


She ate broccoli instead of pie.

Angela posted a photo of her broccoli meal on Instagram, which, in turn, burned a birthday candle.

“Annie Mae may eat cake, but not me,” she wrote, probably referring to her new movie Gunpowder Milkshake,

 in which she plays a character called that.

“But hey, I’m celebrating my birthday party. Come on with the broccoli pie!”.

Many colleagues and fans congratulated the actress on her birthday.

Many followers joked about the broccoli.

Yvette Nicole Brown asked in the comments: “Is that the secret, broccoli?

 Because no matter how you stay young, I want that too!”

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