A Wave of Dismissal Under Top US Department of Defense is Causing Unrest

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There is unrest in the United States Department of Defense after the Trump administration has replaced several top officials with Trump loyalists in recent days, news channel CNN reports.


On Monday, President Donald Trump fired defence secretary Mark Esper, who had long been ill with Trump because he disagreed with Trump’s desire to use the military against anti-racism protesters. According to CNN, both military and civilian officials at the Pentagon are concerned about what’s to come.

Including Esper, four top officials have been fired or resigned from the Pentagon in recent days. In addition to the minister, this concerns the chief of staff, the head of intelligence and the head of policy affairs.

Among the Trump followers who have replaced the four is controversial Anthony Tata, who has called former President Barack Obama a Muslim and a terrorist and who advocates and spreads conspiracy theories.

“It looks like the beheadings are over for now,” a senior defence official told CNN. The changing of the guard at the Ministry of Defense is likely to exacerbate the chaotic situation that would prevail at the time.

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the US House of Representatives, took Esper’s resignation Monday as a sign that Trump wants to “sow chaos” in the final weeks of his tenure. Trump lost last week’s presidential election to his Democratic challenger Joe Biden, but is still refusing to admit his loss and wants to challenge the result in court.

According to Trump, the Democrats have committed electoral fraud, but so far there is no evidence whatsoever. Trump has repeatedly refused to guarantee that a peaceful transfer of power will take place after an election defeat.

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