15-Year-Old Nick Arjomand Creates Non-Invasive Cancer Screening Method

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Nick Arjomand is the 15 years old boy; he created the most efficient test method of lung cancer. The screening introduced for the detection of the non-invasive first stage of lung cancer.

The method name is ”SimpliGene,” and it is considered to be the world’s first lung cancer detection method, one of its kind. It is cheaper than other expensive tests and has more accurate results due to the use of the latest technology.

SimpliGene is still under observation; the producer of this test is looking for suitable companies to introduce his screening in the market. According to the Arjomand, he doesn’t have enough knowledge about the testing.

He is right because he is inexperienced and has less information regarding the screening. But he gave his best because his main objective is to introduce something for cancer patients. This non-invasive cancer screening method will save the lives of millions of people around the world.

SimpliGene is the revolution in the oncology and biotech industry. Most people died because they will not be able to bear the expensive test for cancer treatment. But with the help of SimpliGene, they will quickly get their screening done at a low cost.

Besides the price, it has the most accurate results than other t. And for cancer treatment, you must have factual findings, because based on outcomes, you will get treatment. The SimpliGene is consists of the latest biotech, which is considered to be very helpful in diagnosing lung cancer in early stages.

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