100,000 People Gathered At A Protest Against Brexit In London

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100,000 People Gathered at a Protest against Brexit in London. Protest against the Brexit occurred on Saturday in London.


According to the predicament, and what we witnessed. Indeed, people are against the separation of the British from the European Union, was evident by seeing flags and banners among other things.

Participants were demanding a second referendum on the Brexit. Counted from tens of thousands to more than a hundred thousand.

Also reported, on the Brexit that the departure of the British has critical financial impacts. The pro-European London think-tank Center for European Reform (CER) also resolved earlier on Saturday that the Treasury lost 22 billion pounds in tax revenues due to Brexit.

According to the think tank, purpose of this outgrowth is the uncertainty that the Brexit entails; this would have caused an economic fall of 2.1 percent.

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